Margaux Bouviers endeavors to produce a dog who is always a credit to the breed, structurally, mentally, and physically sound.  We strive to retain type in our dogs so that our line preserves the essence of the breed.

       Temperament is of utmost importance as the dogs must possess the stable, protective attributes that exemplify the Bouvier, while still being calm enough to settle into a family situation.  Equally as important to temperament is the dog's

Breeding Goals:


health and well-being.  We strive to breed the healthiest dogs possible and guarantee that all breeding animals are comprehensively health tested.

       Furthermore, all breeding animals must be fine examples of the breed standard and have proven their worth on the conformation ring. We continually strive for the best while looking toward the future.

Stud Dogs


Brood Bitches

Retired Bitches

     Stud service is available to approved bitches. Bitch owners must be willing and able to provide care for her litter and agree that no puppies from the litter will be sold to pet shops or other wholesale outlets. Bitches must be in good health and condition at breeding time and must be free of hereditary defects, parasites, and infections.

     Owners must present proof of negative brucellosis, negative culture, and normal thyroid. Bitch must carry OFA hip, elbow,

and cardiac clearances, as well as Cerf certification and gonioscopy results. Stud dogs are guaranteed to be in the same good health required of the bitch.

     Margaux Bouviers guarantees at least three living puppies. If less fails to occur, the owners of the bitch are entitled to a free return service to any male of comparable stud fee, subject to the availability of the dog requested.

       Puppies are the darlings of the Margaux family. We

produce several litters a year and each is whelped in the home.  Each puppy is weighed and charted daily, handled and petted with great love.  People of different ages and types of voices are invited to visit, giving the puppies a variety of social experiences with their human family.  The puppies have their own mini-agility yard to expose them to a variety of surfaces and obstacles.  It is complete with

ramps, tunnels, bridges, and a variety of odd objects to walk and crawl over. By the time of a puppy leaves its litter, it is fully wormed, shots are current, ears are cropped, tail is docked, it has been checked by a Board certified cardiologist.  And it is micro chipped with an Avid chip.

       We believe the best beginnings are essential to proper development.  Each puppy is then matched with each owner based on personality and its new family's desires.       Margaux Bouviers retains the right of first refusal if a puppy or an adult dog needs to leave its original home.  With all of the care that goes into matching the proper puppy with its family, it is our hope that this first home is forever.  It is of the utmost importance to us that each puppy will be loved, and a true member of its family.

       Margaux Bouvier's stands behind our commitment to each puppy, being available for questions and assistance for the life of the dog.  All puppies sold as companion animals carry a limited registration. Our breeding stock is OFA certified.  Most are multiple title, and all have been checked for thyroid function, heart irregularities, and eye abnormalities.  Margaux Bouviers strives to breed a dog, who is always a credit, both structurally and mentally.  Because we are dedicated to the quality of the dogs we breed,  we stand behind them completely.




       Our breeding bitches live in a home environment where they are first and foremost, happy family pets. They have all proven their structural soundness in the conformation ring and have comprehensive health certifications.


       Their puppies are raised in the home where they become well socialized with all the touching, petting and loving they receive. There is no joy greater than sharing the love of healthy, happy puppies, well nurtured by their dam.


C 2013 Margaux Bouviers

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